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Lingo Add In for PowerPoint

If you have to work in several languages spell checks can be a pain! There are vba samples around which change the spellcheck language but most, if not all, do an incomplete job. If you've used other code check out text in tables or diagrams or text that was grouped or any shape that could have text but didn't!

Example of simple vba code which changes simple textranges but NOT tables, diagrams and grouped text,  & masters.

Sub changetoUK()
Dim osld As Slide
Dim oshp As Shape
For Each osld In ActivePresentation.Slides
For Each oshp In osld.Shapes
If oshp.HasTextFrame Then
If oshp.TextFrame.HasText = msoFalse Then _
oshp.TextFrame.TextRange = "<DUMMY>"
oshp.TextFrame.TextRange.LanguageID = msoLanguageIDEnglishUK
If oshp.TextFrame.TextRange = "<DUMMY>" Then _
oshp.TextFrame.TextRange = ""
End If
Next oshp
Next osld
End Sub

If you want to change the default language so that all further items default to that language you can do this in the GUI easily OR in code:

ActivePresentation.DefaultLanguageID = msoLanguageIDEnglishUK

How to use vba code

New AddIn Lingo3

If you change the spell check language often or need to be sure that you have found every occurance of the old language then this new AddIn will do the job in a flash. The AddIn can be installed on up to 3 PC's.

Lingo 3 is compatable with all recent versions in Windows including 64 bit versions and integrates fully with the ribbon in 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016. It is not for Macs or versions before 2007.

Lingo 3 sets the language for existing and new text by setting a default for the current presentation (this is impossible without the AddIn). It does NOT change the MSFT application default and will not set the language for other presentations. The default for current presentation will override any change made by setting a new keyboard and is retained when the presentation is saved.

Lingo2 in 2010


Lingo3 is US$29.99

Click the button to pay securely  with Paypal or a major card. You should receive an email with download instructions within 30 minutes. If it doesn't arrive please check your Spam and then use the contact page to tell us. We also monitor the download database. If we notice you haven't downloaded we often send a manual follow up Email!


Buy now Guarantee


Does it search Smart Art in 2007 and 2010?

YES, it searches everywhere you could change manually.

Will it prevent a new keyboard language from changing the spell check language.?

YES, it includes unique code to do this.

Can I use it on my Laptop and my desktop?

You can use on up to 3 PCs that belong to you as long as they are not used at the same time.

Are all languages available?

As far as we know! We will add any missing where possible free of charge.

Can I use it on my Mac?

Sorry, Lingo is only for Windows PC's,

Doesn't Do All We Say?

Just let us know within 30 days and you'll get a full refund!



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