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PowerPoint vba

Lots of places on the internet publish vba code. If you don't know what to do with it ......

First should you use vba?

For your own use definitely, it can streamline tasks. However if you distribute your presentations there can be problems:

  • If the user has only the free viewer the code just won't work!
  • If the user has macro security set higher than medium the code won't load.
  • If your code crashes the user may end up in the visual basic editor which is a BAD idea!

Where can I Find Code?

Lots of places but the Powerpoint forum, and the programming section of pptfaq are good places and of course on these pages.


How to use VBA code

These instructions are for 2016, 365 and 2019 versions in Windows. Other versions will follow the same basic principle but may have different commands.

Step 1

Copy the code you have found.

Step 2

Opn the VBA Editor by pressing ALT + f11 and then choose "Insert > Module"

Step 3

Paste the copied code into the Module.

Step 4

Go back to the normal PowerPoint Window and run the code by going to VIEW > Macros.


Always test code on a copy of your file!


Diagram 1 INSERT > Module

 Insert Module

Diagram 2  Paste in the code

Paste in the code.

Diagram 3  Run the code

DiagrRun the code.am 4



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