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 Two Shows At Once

Or one show and something else!

If you haven't read multi monitor magic go there first!

Even using this trick you will find that as usual if you start anything else while running a show the show will pause. Here's a possible answer, you might find that it doesn't work with all graphics cards.

Set up your dual monitor display so that the desktop is extended on to the second monitor. At this stage you will probably only see the desktop background on monitor two.

set up monitor2

Now open PowerPoint as normal.

In Slide Show > Set Up Show set the slide show to play in a window and UNTICK "show scroll bars"

Now play the show. It will show on monitor one. Grab the title bar and drag it to monitor two.

Carefully resize the window and move it higher on the screen so that as little as possible of the title bar and black surround (if any) shows.

You can make this look almost exactly like a full screen display. See the screen shot below!

This may take a little practice to get right.

Set up this show to run automatically and repeat until escape.

Almost "Full Screen"

"full screen" effect

The Second Show

Use the SHIFT right click '"Run As" to open a second instance of PowerPoint (see here) This show should be set up to play on monitor one in the usual " Presented by a Speaker" mode.

Run this show and wow!

As an alternative you can run eg Word on Monitor one and the running show on 2.

For us this works with PowerPoint 2007 running on both Vista and XP Pro Windows. It may not work with your set up.



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