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Auto Create Flash Cards!

If you need to create Flash Cards for PowerPoint it can be quite a long job! This addin creates either
picture / text flipable cards from a folder of pictures OR text both sides cards from a simple text file created in Notepad or Excel. The slide design and animations for each card are automatically applied - you just press the button!

It's quick and simple and gives a professional result! Play the video to watch me make a few cards in real time.

The AddIn can make both text both sides and Picture / text cards. Usually the flip of the card is teacher controlled but you can also make automatic "revision" cards that flip every 2 seconds. The Add In is for PC's only (not Mac) and requires Office XP or later.



You can download a fully functional demo which will make cards for 7 days after that you will need to register.

Download Flash Card Demo for PowerPoint


Purchase the registered version or register the demo Only $19.99.

After paying you will receive an Email with Download instructions. If it does not appear within 30 minutes please check your spam folder.

We check regularly that purchases have been downloaded and will contact you manually if they are not completed.


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